Climbing the Corporate Mountain


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"Climbing the Corporate Mountain" is intended to provoke thought about ones readiness to succeed in their career by asking the reader if they truly are ready to begin their climb up the mountain with just a college degree. The book provides insights on topics such as identifying personal talents, the importance of mentors, community involvement and strategic networking. It goes beyond the pages of a college degree to share lessons of the workplace that are essential in building a career. 


Life, Lyrics & Love


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Life, Lyrics and Love. This book is a compilation of poetry and lyrics that share this journey called life from the perspective of a young man, father, mentor, lover and caring spirit of hopeful hearts.


Who Will Be There (CD)


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Darick J. Simpson uses the art of writing poetry as his personal method of healing. A strong man with a sensitive side, Simpson uses spoken word and smooth jazz music to traverse frightening areas of the mind and heart where mystery lies and teaches lessons of bravery about the shadows and the light that surrounds the human soul.

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Ooooh, No Space Between us, will make you close your eyes and loose yourself to somebody!              


I could just listen to the music, or, I could just listen to the lyrics, but when you put them together it is an unbelievable experience.


My favorite is No Space Between Us, I smiled, I laughed and I cried. It made me think of special people that have been in my life and want to reach out to them.


You are a blessed man, people just don’t write their thoughts and feelings like this in music anymore. This is a great piece of work, it will make a woman want to stay.


Climbing The Corporate Mountain is a perfect book for a young professional like me. It made me think about my future in a different way.