Podcast: Stories From The Journey of Life


Stories From The Journey of Life, is a Podcast that blends poetry and lyrics into an engaging narrative that takes listeners on a journey through life with themes of; Relationships, Family, Social Consciousness, Lyrics, Nature and more! 

Spoken word poems and song lyrics evoke powerful emotions, deep thought and an occasional sensuous mood. Listeners can often close their eyes and feel the essence of meaning in every word as stories unfold covering decades of life. Though most stories are personal experiences, many more are those of people met on The Journey of Life and interpreted in thoughts of poeticD! 

Ideally, listeners will be inspired to appreciate the power of their own special stories and capture them in a way that the world will someday be told!

A special thanks to collaborating partners that made Stories From The Journey of Life a Dream Come True!

  • Thomas Dawson Theme Music and Producer of Who Will Be There, CD
  • Rick Whitfield Producer and Vocalist, My Brothers Keeper
  • Lina Hayek Producer and Vocalist, Me Too 

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