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One of my greatest teachers in life was Dr. Edward “Chip” Anderson, who co-authored the internationally acclaimed book, StrengthsQuest with Dr. Donald O. Clifton! Studying with Dr. Anderson I was introduced to the Clifton StrengthsFinder (CSF). I learned how to identify my own inherent talents that contribute to being my BEST ME. I also learned how to become a leader in what Dr. Anderson called a “strengths based revolution” in classrooms and boardrooms around the world. 

Have you ever considered if your current personal or career path allows you to do what you do best, every day? Gallup research indicates that the majority of people around the world can’t answer YES to that question. The reality is that when employees do answer yes very strongly to this question they are likely to be more productive, loyal and customer service oriented. The Clifton StrengthsFinder (CSF) inventory is based on interviews with 2 million of the best of the best people around the world. The results of these interviews indicate that the best of the best build their lives around their strengths. They focus on developing and applying strengths and managing weaknesses because the best that you will ever become by focusing on a weakness is mediocre! 

With so much at stake for each of us in our journey to live a full productive life I feel very honored to have facilitated StrengthsFinder training for over 1000 participants in my career. To hear Dr. Anderson speak with such a sense of urgency regarding CSF was life changing for me. Even though he literally knew he had only a few months to live due to cancer, StrengthsFinder was a passion that motivated him to share with others what could be life changing for them. Now I am prepared to do the same with you!

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Classes are available for youth groups, social/civic organizations and corporations. Logistics, travel and number of participants are factored into pricing. Please contact with any additional questions.

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